W 2400 Series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid

  • Length: 1010mm From Cross Joint-Cross Joint
  • End 1: 1 3/8″ 6 Spline Yoke
  • End 2: 1 3/8″ 6 Spline F5 Freewheel
  • Tubing: 1b / 2a
  • Guard: SD25

Specifications Of W 2400 Series PTO shaft

150-250cm Cross to Cross Length,
165-260cm Overall Length,
W2400 Series.
32mm x 76mm x 86mm (approx.) Triangular Profile Drive Tube.
39KW-53HP @ 540 rpm,
61KW-83HP @ 1000 rpm.
Standard Shaft Includes:
1 3/8″ x 6 Splines Quick Release Yokes at One End.
NO End Yoke 0n the Other End.
Safety Guard.
Will accept non-standard yoke.

Weight, W kg 15.1
Inner diameter, d mm 32
Outer diameter, D mm 170
Number of splines, F 21
Length, L mm 610
Inner diameter, d1 mm 35
Quantity of slots, F 21
Lenght 2, L2 mm 860

Spare parts for the combined drive of Massey Ferguson, Claas, and Gleaner.

W 2400 series PTO shaft fit those agricultural machines:
Combine harvester Challenger: 660 670
Combine harvester Claas: LEXION
Combine harvester Gleaner: C62 R40-R75
Combine harvester Massey Ferguson: 8780 9690 9790
Tractor Massey Ferguson: 8680

Make sure that the drive torque is transmitted to the drive elements of the agricultural machine unit. For replacing worn or damaged units during repair and restoration work.
An assembly product consisting of a central beam and 2 forks pivotally connected to the ends of the beam. This connection allows torque to be transmitted between shafts with significant shaft angular displacements (up to 40-45°) that change during their rotation.

PTO Shafts Parts and components

EVER-POWER’s PTO shafts and components will keep your equipment working. As a leading supplier of PTO shafts, we stock a wide range of standard, metric and constant velocity drive trains as well as PTO shaft parts and assemblies (implement yokes, clutches, oil lines). We offer drop-in replacement drivetrains and components, providing an easy solution for customizing or repairing your application. ever-power stocks a large number of CV PTO shaft drivetrains.

Tractor Yoke Cross & Bearing Kit Shaft Shaft Weld Yoke
Slip Sleeve Tube Tube Weld Yoke Implement Yoke
Yoke & Shaft Assembly Yoke & Tube Assembly Drivelines Guard & Guard Bearing

How to cut a PTO shaft to the proper length?

If the PTO shaft is too long, it may jam when the three-point hitch is lifted. May damage chipper bearings or tractor PTO. If the PTO shaft is too long, it must be cut off. The 2 halves of the PTO must be shortened by an equal amount.

1. Install the chipper on the three-point hitch of the tractor.
2. Cut off the engine and remove the key. Place the chipper on a firm and level surface.
3. Lift the three-point hitch so that the chipper’s power intake shaft is at the same level as the tractor’s PTO. The power take-off and air intake should be closest to this location.
4. Pull the PTO shaft apart. Attach the half shaft to the chipper so that the locking pin locks in place. Line the other end of the chipper flush with the end of the tractor PTO. Place the side of the end by side as shown in the image to the right. Mark on the shield how much must be cut off. The tubes must be so short that they cannot reach the bottom in any chipper position.

Cut the plastic tube. Cut a piece from the profile tube, which is the same length as the piece which you cut off of the shield. Shorten the other half of the PTO shaft to the same length.

File sharp edges off of the profile tubes. 

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearboxes

The agricultural gearbox and PTO shaft are 2 components of a tractor that work together to transmit power. The PTO shaft rotates at 540 to 1,000 rpm. The agricultural gearbox and PTO shaft are connected by yokes at both ends. Depending on the application, they may have a higher or lower torque rating. As a professional agricultural machinery parts supplier, we also offer a wide range of PTO shafts for sale. Contact us now to get more info!

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