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If you require any info or samples, make sure you speak to us and you will have our soon reply. Complete use has been produced of all varieties of innovative strategies and engineering to achieve excelsior producing. With in depth requirments, we can also produce your specific designed solution.

10 inch sand gravel pump blended sand pump for copper mining

one.Attributes of G series Gravel EPTTs

1.The construction of this G sequence gravel pump is largely solitary-casing and horizontal. The outlet direction can be positioned 360 deg easy to install.
two. Shaft Components undertake cylinEPTTstructure, which is hassle-free to modify the hole among impeller and entrance donning plate. The shaft makes use of grease lubrication.
3.Shaft Seal: expeller EPTT seal, EPTT seal, and EPTT seal.
4.Broad Circulation Passage amp Good Anti-Cavitation House amp Extremely Effective Wear Resistance.
five.Driving Method: V Belt Drive, Elastic Shaft Coupling EPTT, Gear Box Drive, Fluid Coupling EPTT, Variable Frequency Drive Unit and Thyristor Pace Manage.
six.The soaked components are made of Ni-tough and high-chrome use-resistant alloEPTTwith excellent anti-corrosive house.
seven.Variable speeds and modals to ensure easy procedure. In addition, EPTT service existence and large procedure performance provide dependable overall performance in a challenging running atmosphere.

two.Performance Parameters

Obvious Water Overall performance
Capability Q Head
m3/h l/s
6/4D-G sixty 36-250 10-70 5-fifty two 600-1400 58 two.five-three.five 378
eight/6E-G one hundred twenty 126-576 35-160 6-45 800-1400 60 three-4.5 378
ten/8S-GH 560 216-936 60-260 8-fifty two 500-one thousand sixty five 3-7.five 533
ten/8S-G 560 one hundred eighty-1440 fifty-four hundred 24-thirty five hundred-950 seventy two two.five-five 711
twelve/10G-G 600 360-1440 100-400 ten-sixty four hundred-850 sixty five 1.five-four.five 667
twelve/10G-GH 1200 288-2808 eighty-780 sixteen-80 350-seven-hundred seventy three 2.-ten. 950
14/12G-G 1200 576-3571 one hundred sixty-840 8-70 300-700 sixty eight two.-8. 864
16/14TU-GH 1200 324-3600 ninety-one thousand 26-70 300-500 72 3.-6. 1270
eighteen/16T-G 1200 720-4320 two hundred-1200 twelve-48 250-500 seventy two 3.-6. 1067

two.Programs of the Single Casing EPTT

The mining gravel pump is utilized for river program, reservoir desalting, coastal reclamation, stretching, deep-sea mining and EPTTng acquisition and many others.

3.Solution Overview

4.Other Relevant EPTT

EPTT Major Slurry EPTT Types
1.five/1B-AH(R) one.five/1C-HH 40PV-SP(R) six/4D-G 3QV-AF 20A-L 10/8R-M
two/1.5B-AH(R) three/Second-HH 65QV-SP(R) 8/6E-G 4RV-AF 50B-L(R) ten/8E-M
3/2C-AH(R) four/3E-HH 100RV-SP(R) ten/8F-G 6SV-AF 75C-L
four/3C-AH(R) four/3X-HH 150SV-SP(R) twelve/10G-G 8SV-AF 100D-L
six/4D-AH(R) six/4X-HH 200SV-SP(R) 14/12G-G 150E-L
six/4E-AH(R) six/4F-HH 250TV-SP fourteen/12T-G 300S-L
eight/6E-AH(R) 6S-H 16/14G-G 350FF-L
eight/6R-AH(R) 6S-HP sixteen/14TU-GH 450ST-L
ten/8F-AH(R) eight/6S-H eighteen/16G-G
ten/8ST-AH(R) 8/6S-HP 18/16TU-GH
12/10ST-AH(R) eight/6X-HP

5.EPTT Components

EPTT Description

The Elements have exchangeable EPTT assortment EPTT (A05, A49, A07),Elastomer(R08, R26 , R33, R55) and EPTTurethane (U01)

EPTT components

1. A05 is a wear resistant white iron that provides excellent efficiency unEPTTerosive circumstances. The alloy can be properly utilized in a extensive assortment of slurry sorts. The substantial dress in resistance of alloy A05 is offered by the existence of hard carbides inside of its micro-construction. Alloy A05 is specifically suited to purposes exactly where moderate corrosion resistance, as effectively as erosion resistance is necessary.

2.A07 Marten-sic white iron with moderate erosion resistance.

three.A49 is suited for reduced pH corrosion duties, exactly where erosive put on is also a problem. The alloy is notably appropriate for Flue Fuel Desulphu-rization(FGD) and other corrosive purposes, where the pH is considerably less than 4. The alloy can also be utilized in other mildly acidic environments. A49 has an erosion resistance related to that of Ni-Tough one.

EPTT EPTT Elements

one.RU08 is a black organic rubber, of minimal to medium hardness. RU08 is used for impellers in which superior erosive resistance is needed in fine particle slurries.
2. RU26 is a black, soft all-natural rubber. RU26 is employed for traces where outstanding erosion resistance to all other materials in fine particle slurry applications.
three. RU33 is a premium grade black organic rubber of lower hardness and is used for cyclone and pump liners and impellers in which its superior bodily homes give elevated minimize resistance to tough, sharp slurries.
four. RU55 is top quality grade black natural rubber, it is suitable for significant erosive fine particle


Besides stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd components or materials,we also undertake OEM provider if you provide us the drawings or sampleswe also can do EPTT components ,this kind of as hastelloy alloy,Ceramic coated parts and many others.

Our Workshop Show

We are manufacturing unit of sand slurry pumps,dredging pumps etc.
We have Mould workshop,Casting Workshop,Machining Workshop,Screening Workshop,Assembly Workshop etc.

Software On Site

Ash slurry in Thermal EPTT Stations /Iron Ore in Beneficiation Plants/ EPTT EPTT/Lime MEPTTSlurry
Coal Slurries and Flotation EPTEPTTngs / Sand H2o Mixtures / Liquid of abrasive coarse Grained Solids/ EPTT EPTT / Mineral Processing / Coal Preparing / Cyclone Feeds / Mixture Processing / Good EPTTry Mill Grinding /Chemical Slurry Service/ EPTEPTTngs / Secondary Grinding / EPTT Processing /Pulp and Paper /Foods Processing / Cracking Operations / Ash EPT / EPTT Transport /Substantial Velocity EPTT Transportation /Meals Processing / Explosive Sludge in EPTT Smelting /River and Pond Dredging /EPTT Refuse Removing /Big Particle or Lower NPSHA Applications /Continous Sump EPTT Operation/ Abrasive Slurries /High Density Slurries /Massive Particle Slurries /Sump Drainage /Washdown /EPTTr Drainage MiXiHu (West Lake) /Iron Ore /Copper /Diamond /Alumina /Coal /EPT /Phosphorite /Metal / Palm /SuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. / Chemical /EPTT /FGD /Frac Sand Blending /Development / Metropolis Sewage /Dewatering /Crushing /Silver / Mill Liners /Ball Mill /Rod Mill and so forth.


one. Q: What is actually your factory workshops ?
A: Our manufacturing unit manufacture incEPTT casting, machining process, lathe procedure, heat remedy, assembly, take a look at and EPTT and so on.
Warmly welcome to go to amp examine our factory any time.
two.Q: Could you aid us if we will not know which pump design we need to have ?
A: Of course, please notify me your element demands, This kind of as capacity , head ,strong density and so forth.

three.Q: How about your price?
A: We are positive our price tag is manufacturing unit cost, and are of high top quality for our EPTT expression cooperation.

four. Q: What is your Slurry EPTT material ?
A: slurry pump material high chrome alloy or rubber, super abrasive-resistant metallic.
Shaft content is stainless metal alloy.

5. Q:How does your manufacturing facility do reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ding top quality handle?
A:EPTT is precedence. Our manufacturing facility has fifteen~thirty QC.We alwaEPTTattach great EPTTance to top quality controlling from the really beginning to the really stop.

6. Q: Is it effortless for customers to alter the parts by on their own ?
A: Yes, the construction is simple ,clients can change it very effortlessly. We will also source you servicing resources for free.

seven. Q: How to do if the pump or parts have operation problem in the warranty?
A: Explain to me details and demonstrate me images, we will send you solution at when without having any hesitation.

Get in touch with US

No.368 XiHu (West Lake) (West Lake) Dis. North Road,ShiEPTTzhuang,ZheJiang ,EPTT.

Get in touch with Particular person: Karen EPTTn

  in Belfast United Kingdom  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 12 10 G-G Tailing Sand Dredging Pumps for Gold Mining manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Belfast United Kingdom  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 12 10 G-G Tailing Sand Dredging Pumps for Gold Mining manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler