Tl  Cost  China  in Villavicencio Colombia  Series Is a Large Vertical AC Synchronous Motor for Vertical Axial or Centrifugal Pump Machinery. with top quality

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TL series large-scale AC vertical synchronous motor meets the technical requirements of Chinese standard GB755/GB14711/JB/T8667.2, and also complies with the corresponding IEC standard.
TL AC synchronous motor is mainly used for driving vertical axial flow pump or mixed flow pump. The vertical motor can withstand the axial force thrust of the pump during operation and the axial adjustment force of the adjustment mechanism of the fully regulated water pump.
The rotation direction of the TL series vertical large-phase three-phase AC synchronous motor is regarded as clockwise from the top of the motor. The rated voltage is 6KV/10KV, the rated frequency is 50HZ, and the power factor is 0.9 (leading), allowing full voltage starting. The excitation device can be supplied in sets. Depending on the user’s needs, a motor that produces other power and pole numbers is derived.
The structure of the TL large-scale AC synchronous motor is various. Ventilation methods include open natural ventilation, ducted ventilation, semi-pipe ventilation, and sealed circulation ventilation. Generally, it is single-shaft extension, and can also be made into double-shaft extension according to user requirements, without shaft, without bearing structure, semi-suspension, single bearing structure.
The series of AC motor structure is a two-conductor suspension type. The upper machine is equipped with a thrust bearing and a guide bearing. The lower frame has a guide bearing. The upper and lower frames are provided with oil pools. The bearings are self-lubricating in the oil bath. The cooling method is self-fan cooling type, semi-pipe ventilation type or closed circuit with cooler. The motor stator adopts coil soft body off-line and VPI overall dipping technology. The motor is equipped with a temperature measuring element to monitor the temperature. It also has an electronic temperature measuring device and can be equipped with a high pressure oil jac ept device when needed. The excitation device generally adopts a microcomputer-type full control device.

Power range: 380KW-8000KW
Speed range: 100-1000R/MIN
Voltage level: 6000V/10000V/13800V or other voltage level
Protection level: IP00/IP20/IP21/IP23
Cooling method: IC01
Temperature rise level: B
Wiring method: Y
Insulation class: Class F
Excitation mode: static thyristor, other excitation methods can also be used
Altitude: no more than 1000m
Power factor: 0.9 (leading)
Connection method: motor and water pump are connected by integral flange and movable flange
According to user requirements, the motor can be made into high altitude anti-halation and wet tropical type.

TL large vertical AC synchronous motor is optimized and designed with new materials and new technology to meet the relevant requirements of users. It has reliable performance, low temperature rise, low loss, high efficiency, excellent manufacturing, low vibration, large starting torque and structure. Simple and easy to maintain.

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Tl  Cost  China  in Villavicencio Colombia  Series Is a Large Vertical AC Synchronous Motor for Vertical Axial or Centrifugal Pump Machinery. with top quality

Tl  Cost  China  in Villavicencio Colombia  Series Is a Large Vertical AC Synchronous Motor for Vertical Axial or Centrifugal Pump Machinery. with top quality